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March 09, 2009

"progress" from NATO in Afghanistan: needs a better password?

Interesting story, via Schneier:

Wikileaks has cracked the encryption to a key document relating to the war in Afghanistan. The document, titled "NATO in Afghanistan: Master Narrative", details the "story" NATO representatives are to give to, and to avoid giving to, journalists...The encryption password is progress, which perhaps reflects the Pentagon's desire to stay on-message, even to itself.

Among the revelations, which we encourage the press to review in detail, is Jordan's presence as secret member of the US lead occupation force, the ISAF.

There has been previous discussion of countries participating in and assisting with NATO operations - on the condition that this was kept secret - but it is interesting to know about Jordan's involvement, and rather a significant error for the information to be released this way. In terms of Information Operations (part of what is discussed in the documents in question) this is a major failure.

You can read the documents in question in full here.

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